​​​​Débora Silva

Visual journalist

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Débora Silva

Débora Silva is a Brazilian journalist now residing in California. She started her career at a television station in São Paulo, Brazil, right after graduating with a degree in Journalism. 

For four years, she worked as a reporter and producer for EXTENSÃO.DOC, a documentary news program about social and political issues, where she interviewed a wide range of people, including then president, Lula da Silva. 

In 2009, Débora moved to California to pursue an international career in journalism. She graduated in June 2014 from a Master’s Degree program at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism with emphasis in television.

Following her graduation, Débora  served as the Associate Producer for a PBS (Frontline) documentary, RAPE ON THE NIGHT SHIFT  – an investigation on the sexual abuse of immigrant women in the janitorial industry.

Débora is fluent in Portuguese and English and proficient in Spanish. In her free time, she enjoys salsa dancing and traveling with her husband.