Photographer Reveals the Power and Struggle of Communities of Color. (PBS)

Video segment about Oakland photographer BRITTSENSE.  Produced for both KQED Arts and PBS Newshour.

Make-up tutorial: How to hide from facial recognition (FUSION)

Is the constant threat of video surveillance making you sweat? Does Facebook’s facial recognition algorithm have you down? Fear not, we have a fresh make-up look for you that will protect your face from easy identification.
(Camera and editor:  Débora Silva)

"Lost in the System" (NYT)

The public school system in New Orleans is trying to keep up with a rapid influx of Hispanic immigrants brought here by opportunities presented in the rebuilding of the city. Parents and local organizations say local administrations are doing too little to help immigrant children adapt and thrive in school.

"Oakland Story"  (
Oakland, California, is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the country. Reporter Débora Silva followed an Oakland resident whose first-hand experience with gun violence dramatically changed her life.

"Hey Baby" (
Journalist Débora Silva interviewed Oakland residents about their perspectives on street harassment. She also put to test controversial  cellphone app – another Hollaback! creation – that aims to curb the problem.

"Save Oakland" ( and KQED Public Television)  

This short segment profiles the Oakland group SAVE (Soldiers Against Violence Everywhere), which honors Oakland’s homicide victims with a march every Saturday, 52 times a year 52 times a year!

"For the Love of Soccer" (CNS)
A segment about the opportunities and challenges residents of Sao Paulo are encountering while the city gears up for the World Cup in 2014.

A New Rhythm  for Mozambique (Short Doc) 

Mozambique (Southern Africa) ranks 185th out of 187 countries in the United Nations’ Human Developing Index (HDI.) In a country with such low HDI, it is not surprising to find that the women endure conditions that are in direct violation of their rights. But changes are underway. A New Rhythm for Mozambique is a story about a new generation of Mozambican females who are paving the way for improved life conditions

You may have just thrown away a valuable piece of art (FUSION)
There is a long running arts residency in San Francisco at a rather unlikely place: the city dump. Over the last year, while the resident artist at San Francisco Recology, Jenny Odell created the Bureau of Suspended Objects, elevating trash to art. (Editor: Débora Silva)

'Luta deve continuar sem armas', diz ex-guerrilheira que foi perseguida pelas Farc (BBC)

Article for BBC Brazil about the peace deal in Colombia. (Text and Photo)

​​​​Débora Silva

From Combatant to Civilian Life: Women of the FARC​ (NACLA)

The historic peace deal between the FARC and the Colombian government holds unique challenges for the thousands of female combatants reintegrating into Colombian society. (Multimedia)

Débora Silva

She once sewed paramilitary uniforms and is now in business for herself (PBS)

Text story about a former guerrilla fighter who became an entrepreneur. 

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The in-demand "muralista" with a feminist message (OZY)

Video profile on Colombian-American muralist, Jessica Sabogal.

Visual journalist